Innovative and fashion-forward Magnetise Magnetic Lashes have been taking the ...

internet by storm, and due to their stylish and reusable nature, they are fast becoming a beauty favourite. Unlike strip lashes which require glue (and a lot of patience), Magnetic Lashes can simply be attached by placing above and below your natural lashes, connecting the sets of magnets! They contain small but powerful magnets which ensure the lashes stay perfectly in place.

Magnetise Magnetic Lashes are available in 8 unique styles!

Magnetise also brings you the latest innovative magnetic dual system. The Magnetic Eyeliner enables easy Magnetic Lash application, while the Remover effectively removes all traces of the liner.

- Easy to use and stays in place all day.
- British made and EU compliant for highest quality.
- Innovative design that can be used with any of the 8 Magnetic Lashes styles.

Magnetise is a member of the Lash Perfect Group. Director Beverly Piper, an internationally renowned beauty expert with over 25 years’ experience, founded the Lash Perfect Group in 2006 and it has proudly gained a reputation for pioneering professional lash and brow treatments and innovative, cutting-edge lash, brow and eye care beauty products.
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