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Corps & BainSoin des mainsDU'IT Tough Hands for Her Crème pour les Mains 75g 
DU'IT Tough Hands for Her Crème pour les Mains 75g

DU'IT Tough Hands for Her Crème pour les Mains 75g

DU'IT Tough Hands for Her Crème pour les Mains 75g



Product Description

Scientifically tested, Tough Hands for HER is an intensive strength hand repair cream formulated especially for the most severe cases of dry, rough, calloused, cracked and irritated hands.

Visible effects within 5 days, Tough Hands for HER fixes hand problems that beauty hand creams won't fix. It provides long-lasting protection from damage to hands caused by repeated washing, prolonged use of latex gloves, chemicals, cleaners and contact with other allergens and irritants. Easily absorbs, its rich, nourishing texture soothes, moisturises and restores, providing softer, younger looking hands.

- Containing 10% Urea, it gloves hands with a non-greasy protective barrier to shield skin from harsh environment stresses.

- Exfoliates, hydrates and instantly revives the skin

- Long lasting protection and guards against moisture loss

- Eliminates calluses and softens hard skin

- Visible results within 5 days

- Anti-microbial property

- Non-allergenic, non-toxic and non steroidal

Ingrédients principaux :

Urea 10% - Natural skin conditioner and humectant that maintains skin moisture balance and seals cracked skin

Vitamin E - Promotes and enhances skin healing, replenishes moisture, rehydrates dry, rough

and damaged skin
AHAs- Exfoliates and removes dead skin layers without the need for a pumice stone, especially important for diabetic patients. Restores supplenes.

Dimethicone - Shields skin with a non-greasy protective barrier which counteracts the loss of vital oils that leads to chapping, cracking and drying of the skin
Sodium PCA - An intensive moisturiser that is 50% superior to glycerine. Acts in synergy with Urea and holds moisture in the skin
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